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321 Pro-Plug Ultima
The ultimate ball plug! Formulated using the latest in epoxy technologies, Pro-Plug Ultima can be used in all bowling balls—rubber, polyester, urethanes or the latest in reactive resin formulations. A unique curing process accelerates the initial reaction between compound and hardener, then slows to a stable cure. This eliminates curing problems in locations that are temperature sensitive, yet allows the plug to resist cracking due to high temperature cures. Compound available in Clear only. Black pigment is included in each kit and sold separately for creating black compound. For matching colors, use the Mix & Match Color Kit.
321 Pro-Plug
The number one selling ball plug in the world. Easy to use 3:1 ratio will not shrink or trap air bubbles, leaves no pin holes. High impact resistance against cracking and chipping. Can be sanded and polished to a beautiful luster. Compound available in clear only. Kits contain a 1/3 ounce bottle of black color pigment that can be used to create black compound. Will color an entire two gallon kit of ball plug.
Mix & Match Color Kit
Complete color assortment permits plugging any ball, including white and pearlescent, with exact match. One ounce. Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Green, Purple, Caramel, Orange, Cerise, Turquoise, Pearl Concentrate, Gold Pearl Concentrate and White Pigment concentrate.
Pro-Plug Cube Trays
Eliminate plug waste with DBA Pro-Plug Cube Trays. Pour unused plug into trays and allow to fully cure. Use hardened cubes in future plug jobs. Lowers plug temperature, reduces cracking in larger holes, too!

Ball Plugging Procedures Video
Ideal for use as a training tool for Pro Shop personnel. Features step-by-step ball plugging procedures and tips. Approximately 20 minutes in length.

Pro-Plug Plugging Dams
Made from closed cell foam, adheres to all bowling balls. In ovals for finger holes and circles for thumb hole plugging.

Ball Plugging Pumps
Calibrated, reusable; fits ½ gallon and quarts. Set of three pumps, two for compound, one for hardener.

Hand Cleaner/Barrier Cream
Use on hands prior to working with epoxies. Excellent as a hand cleaner.

Pro-Patch Ball Patching Kit
DBA’s own specially formulated epoxy patching compound for repairing bowling ball nicks and cracks. Three syringe kits in clear and black.

Fluorescent Color Kit
Match virtually any color bowling ball when using the DBA Products Co., Inc. 321 Mix & Match Fluorescent Color Kit. Kit includes 8 vivid colors in ½ ounce bottles: Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Pink, Green, Magenta and White. Colors available individually.

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