About DBA 321 Pro-Plug®
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All ball plug is not created equal.

With the vast assortmennt of bowling equipment in use today, you can't risk using a ball plug that isn't equal to the task. Keeping pace with ever-changing bowling ball technology is DBA 321 Pro-Plug, the number one selling ball plug in the world. Available in both original or Ultima formulations, DBA 321 Pro-Plug has the highest resistance against chipping and cracking and doesn't shrink or become brittle, no matter what type of ball is being plugged.

And when color matching is a concern, refer to our Ball Plug Color Matching Formula Chart. Using new DBA Fluorescent, Mix & Match and Custom Color tints. You'll save plenty of time working with the influx of new bowling balls.
As bowling balls continue to change, it's comforting to know that there is a ball plug that you can depend on, time after time, plug after plug, ball after ball--DBA 321 Pro-Plug.

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