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Innovation and Quality. Not just words, but a commitment of DBA that begins with initial concept and design, carries through manufacturing and extends beyond the sale.

Attention to Detail. At DBA we believe in paying attention to even the smallest details that are important to proprietors ... and to the bowlers. With over a decade of synthetic lane manufacturing experience, DBA employs proven, reliable manufacturing techniques with a history of superior performance ... and we've improved upon them.

Like sealing every lane panel to reduce the possibility of moisture penetration. Or hand beveling panel edges to provide a contour that is less susceptible to chipping.

We painstakingly worked to create the DBA IQ lane image-- one that was unlike the usual "butcher block" or countertop look. Our goal was to produce an image made fromreal boards, with true coloring, good grain and high definition. Detail like implementing a dual color screening process to produce black foul lines and brown lane markings--small items that make the lane look more like a traditional wood lane.

Unique Approach. We took a different approach to the slide area on a synthetic lane--DBA IQ Approach panels are textured, to have the look and feel of a coated maple approach, producing better slide characteristics and eliminating the negative perception that is commonly found with other synthetic approaches.

Scoring. With scoring a significant issue today, it became a focal point in the design of the DBA IQ System. DBA IQ lane panels are manufactured with a specially finished laminate that results in a "brushed" surface for superb conditioner adhesion and better scoring. the result: improved scoring consistency and happier customers!

Your lane investment is a reflection of yourcenter's commitment to quality. When you choose the DBA IQ Synthetic Lane System, you're not just getting another synthetic lane, you're getting a product backed by a company with over 50 years of leadership in lane maintenance and desing. A company with "hands on" experience, a reputation for Innovative and Quality products with unsurpassed Customer Service--you get DBA.

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