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Channel Coatings
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DBA Aquarius® Channel Coatings
Repainting channels is one of the easiest methods of giving the entire center a fresh, clean look. DBA Aquarius Channel Coatings come in a variety of different shades, including the new Designer Coatings, offering a perfect match for any bowling center. Using the latest in water based technologies, DBA Aquarius Channel coating has been reformulated to dry to a much tougher, more durable finish. Nonflammable and odorless, Aquarius Coatings offer excellent coverage and easy cleanup with warm, soapy water. Channels must be prepared prior to coating by using a DBA 2666S applicator. Not to be used on vinyl coated steel channels. Catalyst is included with each gallon of coating.

DBA Aquarius Channel Coatings -- Available Colors:

2664-Clear 2665-6 Mod IV Charcoal 2665-12 Mod IV Brown 2665-18 Seaspray
2665-1 Astro Gray #2 2665-7 Tangerine 2665-13 Mod IV Dark Brown 2665-19 Bluewing Teal
2665-2 Astro Gray #3 2665-8 Gray 2665-14 White 2665-20 Solar Orange
2665-3 Mod IV Blue 2665-9 Brick Red 2665-15 Black 2665-21 Stop Red
2665-4 Mod IV Red 2665-10 Green 2665-16 Ash 2665-22 Mauve
2665-5 Mod IV Green 2665-11 Astro Blue 2665-17 Plum  


DBA Channel Coating Applicator
Specially designed applicator conforms to the contour of a channel (gutter) for fast, easy application. Applicator head may be removed and replaced with sanding head to prepare surface prior to coating. Refillable pads are available for water based and urethane paints, as well as sandpaper.

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