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DBA Wave Sealer Coat
Improves the look of lane finish by hiding "soaker" boards and screening marks, while sealing the wood for better base coat adhesion and less conditioner penetration. Whitening agents give even badly oil-soaked lanes a brighter new look. Dries in less than an hour. Nonflammable.

DBA Wave Base Coat
Highly durable water based base coat that remains slightly tacky and flexible for better bonding with top coats. Whitening agents have been added to enhance the natural beauty of wood. Nonflammable and odorless.

DBA Wave Top Coat
Holds conditioner well and offers excellent scoring potential. Dries to a beautiful finish. Nonflammable and odorless. Two coats are recommended.

DBA Wave Glow-In-The-Dark Additive
Allows DBA WAVE Top Coat to "glow under proper UV blacking lighting. Use 2 ounces per gallon of coating.
DBA GID-S Glow in the Dark Coating for Synthetic Lanes
Coating allows synthetic lanes go "glow" under proper UV black lighting. Easily applied with a foam applicator, and removable. ABC/WIBC approved. Use only 1/2 gallon per lane.
Dura-Prime #7001
A proven moisture cure base coat with over 20 years of successful use. Excellent durability and protection with a lustrous appearance. No additive is required. Two coats recommended.

Dura-Thon #7000
An industry leader in urethane coatings. Dura-Thon provides a very durable, yet elastic surface. Superb scoring, easy to maintain. One quart of Dura-Plus additive #7002 is required with every 5 gallons.

Dura-Thon #7004X
An extra high solids top coat which meets VOC requirements in most states. Beautiful appearance with the same scoring characteristics of standard Dura-Thon.

DBA Dura-Thon Glow-In-The-Dark Additive
Allows DBA Dura-Thon to "glow" under proper UV black light. Replaces #7002 additive.
Curethane 100 Base Coat
A 100% solids base coat formulated with no harmful solvents. Exceptional protection and bonding with the wood surface. Pre-measured, one kit per lane. Fast curing, nonflammable and odorless.

Curethane 100 Top Coat
Exceptionally durable, 100% solids top coat with a beautiful high gloss appearance. Excellent adhesion, superior protection, with superb scoring capabilities. Pre-measured, one kit per lane. Fast curing nonflammable and odorless.

DBA Curethane 100 Accessory Kit
Kit includes items necessary to pull Curethane 100 Base Coat. Thermometer, hand squeegee (for pin deck), film thickness gauge, flat end spatula (for Curethane 100 mixing).

Curethane WB #2500
Perhaps the finest approach finish available, its high tech formulation offers excellent durability with uniform slide characteristics unsurpassed in the bowling industry. One coat application can be bowled on in 2-4 hours. No additive required. One gallon coats approximately six approaches. Nonflammable and odorless.

Curethane WB Recoat #2500R
Specially formulated to be applied over standard Curethane Approach Finish on all of the approach but the slide area. During a recoat, apply standard Curethane WB #2500 on bare wood in the slide area; Curethane WB Recoat #2500R over the old finish on the remainder of the approach. Provides a consistent push-off and slide. One coat application with a two hour dry time. No additive required. Approximately 9-10 approaches per gallon. Nonflammable and odorless.

Dura-Guard™ #1664 Clear Urethane
Dura-Guard coating is a remarkably durable, clear polyurethane especially designed for protection of areas subjected to severe impact and abrasion. Excellent for pin decks, kickbacks, edge-boards, ball returns and benches. Dura-Guard, when applied to flat gutters and kickbacks, can tighten the back end, giving improved pin action and higher scores, legally. Ready to use, no mixing or thinning required. Formerly called Dura-Thon Clear.

DBA Curethane 3-in-1 Applicator
A revolutionary new concept in lane applicators. This applicator can be used to pull Curethane 100% Solids Urethane (squeegee), Dura-Thon Moisture Cure Urethane (mohair pad), or Aquarius Water Based finish (foam flocked WB pad). Just slide in the proper pad for the finish you will be using. Applicator has nylon feet on each end to stand it up during blade cleaning, without scratching or denting the approach.. The applicator includes a frame, 3 weights (5, 8 and 10 lbs.), separate handles for 100% solids or other finishes, a carriage for 100% solids, 1 applicator blade (squeegee), 1 pair ears for 100% solids, 1 mohair pad, 1 WB pad, and associated hardware. Convenient storage case available.
Slide-In Applicator
Simple to maneuver, the Slide-In Applicator can be used with high solids, standard urethane or water based lane finishes. "Slide-in" system accepts moisture cure, water base or terry cloth applicator pads. Extra long six foot handle gets into pin deck areas easily, detaches from the frame with a quick-release pin for fast disassembly. Proper combinations of weights (included) insures precise finish application for all types of lane finishes.

#042 Lane Applicator Parts/Applicator Refills
42" Mohair replacement pad for moisture cure urethanes, 42" lambs wool replacement pad for lacquer finishes. Water based and moisture cure refill pads available for Perry-Austen Applicator.

DBA Water Based Approach Applicator
A weighted 18" wide stainless steel applicator head and foam flocked pad designed for application of water based approach finishes. Pad can be washed in warm water.

Injecta-Patch is a fast-curing lane repair epoxy which can be used as an adhesive for replacing or repairing wood patching stock, pin spots, foul lines or cracked boards. Injecta-Patch can also be used alone as a patching material for small surface repairs on the lane until permanent repairs can be made. The tan colored material is dispensed with a plunger gun which assures a perfect 1:2 mix every time. A must item for resurfacers and bowling center alike. Available in small (left) or large (right)gun kits.

Synthetic Lane Joint Adhesive
Easy to use product for repairs on synthetic lanes. Can be used as an adhesive to fasten panels to the substructure, or as a sealant for panel seams. Cartridges are for use with DBA Products Co., Inc. Injecta-Patch guns and static mixer tubes which must be ordered separately.

Pro-Ject® Lane Injection Epoxy
Pro-Ject lane injection epoxy has been formulated to give the perfect mix of both strength and flexibility. Only pure epoxy resins are used, with no added fillers that can cause brittleness. The two part system of brown and white materials turns to a tan color, indicating the proper mix ratio. Pro-Ject has prove itself in use with any injection equipment that will provide an accurate two to one mix.
Pro-Ject® Lane Patch Kit
An excellent patch kit for every proprietor and lane resurfacer. Kit includes everything needed to patch a bowling lane: 3 bottles of high quality 2:1 epoxy (2 resin, 1 hardener), dispensing spouts, stir sticks, mixing cups and squeegee.

Resurfacing Supplies
Powder Oil-Out
Applied at time of resurfacing. Does a fantastic job of drawing oil out of the head section of a lane. Can make oil-darkened, old looking lanes appear new again. Spread Oil Out with a broom. Remove powder in 4-8 hours with a stiff bristle brush. One bag of Powdered Oil Out does approximately 8 lanes.

DBA 19" Rotary Buffer
Engineered for perfect balance and ease of operation, DBA Rotary Buffers are ideal for usein cleaning approaches, lanes, tile floors and carpeting. 115/230V, 60 cycle, 50 ft., non-marking cord included.

DBA Rotary Drive Head
Attachment to rotary buffer for use with pads or sand screens.

DBA Nylon Sand Screen
For use prior to resurfacing or recoating.

DBA Bassine Brush
Designed for use with DBA 19" Rotary Buffer for general purpose cleaning of lanes or tile areas.

DBA Polishing Pads (tan)
Used with rotary driving head for conditioning lanes. Woven nylon fiber. Washable. 18" diameter.

DBA Cleaning Pads (green)
Made of durable nylon and tough animal fibers; green colored in mat form. Used with rotary driving head for cleaning lanes and approaches. Washable. 18" diameter.

DBA Stripping Pads (black)
Most aggressive pad of bluish black color, with abrasive grain for stripping of finish. Used with rotary driving head. Washable. 18" diameter.


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