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Pin Maintenance
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DBA Spin Clean Pin Cleaning Machine
It’s a fact—clean pins last longer. Accomplish this task economically and quickly with the original DBA Spin Clean! Improved construction features a tougher motor and housing, more aggressive brush assembly with enhanced contoured shape to reach all areas of the pin, all encased in a watertight, durable steel frame. Uses either DBA #555 or #522 Non-Foaming Pin Cleaner. Attachment for pin base sanding is included.

DBA GID Pin Coating Additive
Makes recoated pins "glow in the dark" under proper UV black lighting. Coats approximately 200 pins per gallon. Used with DBA Aquarius Plas-Tite II Pin Coating. Use two ounces per gallon of coating.
DBA #522 Non-Foaming Pin Cleaner
Formulated specially for use in the DBA Spin Clean II, this non-foaming pin cleaner also performs well in the original Spin Clean. Quick-drying, works on both Surlyn and nylon coated pins.
DBA Detergent Pin Cleaner #555
This exceptional detergent pin cleaner can be used to clean all types of pins. It contains no solvents, no hazardous fumes and is completely nonflammable. #555 may also be used to clean wood, metal and painted surfaces. It is an excellent all purpose cleaner. Excellent results cleaning Surlyn and nylon coated bowling pins.

DBA Aquarius® Plas-Tite™ II
#2516 Clear—Water based pin coating for use in covering Surlyn coated pins. To be applied to pins after they have been thoroughly cleaned and scuffed. Offers excellent adhesion and protection. Dries to a smooth, hard finish that can improve pins’ ability to slide through pin buckets.

No. 2518 Catalyst
For use with #2516, one ounce of catalyst to five gallons. Each 5 gallon pail of #2516 comes with catalyst. The material may be recatalyzed. Order #2518 when additional catalyst is needed.

No. 2519 White Pigment for Pins
For use with DBA #2516 Aquarius Plas-Tite II Pin Coating. Recommend one 16 ounce bottle per 1 gallon of #2516.

DBA Pin Hooks
Tough, long lasting metal pin hooks fit into the bas of all tenpins. Use to dip pins into pin coatings. Can then be used to hand pins until new coating has cured.

PVC Pin Dipper
DBA pin dipper is made of PVC for use with DBA Aquarius Water Based Pin Coatings. Allows single pin to be dipped without wasting coating. Complete with cover. Can be sued to store coating between uses.

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