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DBA Blue Genie Compound #3001
Specially formulated ball conditioning compound for use in a Brunswick Lustre King ball cleaning machine. Cleans and polishes all types of balls. Specially packaged in form fitting Styrofoam to eliminate breakage in shipping.

Heavy Duty Blue Genie Compound
This heavy duty version of Blue Genie contains more compound, less fillers, offering a far superior cleaning and polishing job on all types of balls. For use in Brunswick Lustre King ball cleaning machines.

Ball Butler Compound #3003
Rectangular buffing compound block made specifically for the DBA Ball Butler and AMF Polishing machines. (4 compound blocks per box.

DBA Pit Carpet Covers
Keep pins and balls cleaner with DBA Pit Carpet Covers for Brunswick pinsetters. Manufactured from a durable, long lasting synthetic fabric, these covers are sewn with "extra lock" nylon stitching to provide more durability and resist shredding . DBA Pit Carpet Coves also improve ball and pin movement for quick pickup in the pin wheel. Wide Velcro straps keep cover securely in place. Preshrunk gray color, machine wash and dry.
Buffer Rollers
The DBA Buffer Roller is used on a DBA/Century 100 Lane maintenance machine to apply conditioner to a lane. The 3019, made of a carpet material, has been offered for use on these lane machines for many years. The newer 3018M is made of a softer mohair material. The mohair allows conditioner to be applied in a thinner, more consistent film, it has less resistance on a lane, offering more lanes to be conditioned with a battery powered machine.
DBA Shop Towels
These specially woven, 15" x 15" shop towels are ideal for cleaning pinsetters, lane equipment or other items around the bowling center. Washable.
DBA Dropsweep Cloths
Remove dirt and conditioner from bowling balls as they are returned from Brunswick pinsetters. Extra heavy material with rugged stitching for long lasting performance. Machine was and dry.

DBA Sling Psychrometer
Hand held device accurately determines temperature and relative humidity in a bowling center.

DBA Aero-San Shoe Deodorizer
Improve bowler satisfaction with rental shoes by completely deodorizing and sanitizing them with Aero-San shoe spray. Each 12 ounce aerosol can will freshen approximately 500 pairs of rental shoes.

DBA Tile-Lastic Waxless Floor Coating
A fine hard floor dressing that washes time after time, yet maintains its original gloss. Easily applied, dries fast, needs no polishing or buffing. Contains no wax. Anti-slip and will not "track" onto approaches. Completely water resistant. Can be used on all types of resilient floors such as asphalt, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, terrazzo, etc.

DBA Video Clinic
Volume I: "Daily Maintenance"
Volume II: "Lane Cleaning"
Inspired by the world famous DBA Lane Maintenance Seminars conducted by Remo Picchietti, the DBA Video Clinic brings proper maintenance techniques onto video and right into your center. Volume I, "Daily Maintenance", shows correct procedures for dusting, conditioning, lane machine operation and other daily maintenance items. The 3 Unit Rule and suggested conditioner applications are also covered. Volume Two, "Lane Cleaning", illustrates different cleaning methods and their procedures, types of cleaners to use and how to clean correctly. The DBA Video Clinic is a great educational tool and is also a superb training tape for center personnel.

Bowling: The Family Sport
Set of 1 Master Tape and 12 Resale Tapes
Sports cannot survive without coaching, and bowling is no different from any other sport. Coaching should be at the top of our priority list. Now you can watch coaching tips through a 16 step instructional video tape, "Bowling: The Family Sport". Each tape provides sixteen 2-3 minute instructional tips, demonstrated by Jeri Edwards, LPBT champion and former Team USA coach, and Fred Borden, Team USA coach 1989-97, and also coach to over 300 players on the PBA and LPBT tours. Also enjoy commentary from Denny Schreiner, ESPN bowling announcer for nearly 10 years. The 2-3 minute tips focus on basic instruction and stress the importance of practice, open play and family participation. The easy-to-understand tips allow bowlers to immediately put into practice what they have learned.

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