Smart Deck Pin Decks
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A lot of "stuff" happens in the pin deck area; bowling balls rolling, pinsetters banging, and, of course, pins falling ...hopefully.

Sometimes, though, pin decks "forget" what they're supposed to do. they allow pins to slide around rather than fall.

Enter the "Smart Deck" pin deck from DBA. A pin deck with "memory" and a better coefficient of friction. Constructed of high density phenolic resin core topped with ahigh impact canvas-backed laminate surface, the Smart Deck actually reduces sliding pins and helps increase scores.

If pin deck replacement is in your future, why not get a deck that not only lasts longer, but scores better too? The Smart Deck from's a wise choice.

The DBA Smart Deck pin deck has been designed for years of dependable performance.
  • Surface features improved coefficient of friction which actually reduces sliding pins and increases scores
  • 2 3/8" overall thickness
  • 1/4" thick high impact surface withstands the impacts and wear that are common in the pin deck area
  • High density phenolic resin core construction for years of life
  • Fully adjustable to accommodate resurfacing needs
  • Installation hardware included

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