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How important is the lane surface to scoring?
  VERY important. The three areas of focus for a comprehensive maintenance program should be cleaning, conditioning and surface. A center can clean every day, apply a scorable pattern, but if the surface is inadequate, consistent scoring will NOT be possible.
My lanes were sanded one month ago. I have had nothing but problems with my conditions ever since. I’m using the same conditioner, same conditioner pattern and the same finish that was applied before. What’s the problem?
  The "problem" is that the surface has changed, but nothing else has. Obviously the lane surface must have been worn or it would not have been resurfaced. If you had a pattern that was working well on a worn surface, it can NOT be assumed that it will work on a freshly sanded and coated surface. Adjustments need to be made.
I used to have water-based lane finish, but have just had my lanes resurfaced and coated with 100% solids urethane. The ball reaction and conditioner movement is completely different. Why?
  Each lane finish type has different coefficients of friction, different abilities to "hold" conditioner patterns, etc., and therefore must be conditioned differently. A change in the finish was made, so changes in the maintenance program should also be expected
Is it advisable for a bowling center to coat or recoat their own lanes?
  It can be done, but in most cases should be handled by a resurfacing professional. Water-based and moisture cure urethane finishes are the easiest to apply, and 100% solids urethane the most difficult. Keep in mind that if a mistake is made during the application of lane finish, it can result in unsightly appearance, bad scoring, or if repaired, a costly reapplication. It is always best to allow resurfacing professionals handle lane and approach coating.
Why are "film overlays" so difficult to condition?
  Film overlays have a different "footprint" than conventional lane coatings or synthetic lanes. This means that more of the bowling ball is in contact with the film than on any type of coating or surface. With more of the ball in contact, more of the conditioner is usually displaced in a quicker amount of time.

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