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Resurfacing/Recoating Supplies
  Stock # Description
  CU100K Accessory Kit, complete, each
  CU100T Thermometer, each
  CU100H Hand Squeegee, each
  CU100G Mill Thickness Gauge, each
  CU100F Flat End Spatula, each
  042R 42" Lane Finish Applicator Replacement Pad, 42" lambswool
  042M Mohair replacement pad 42"
  016 Applicator for lacquer approach finish, 16"
  016R Applicator Refill Pad
  018 Applicator for use with water base approach finish, 18"
  018R Applicator Refill Pad
  300 Slide-In Applicator, each
  301 Curethane® 3-in-1 Applicator, complete
  301B Replacement applicator boards, pair
  301M Replacement pad, moisture cure, 5/box
  301RE Replacement ears, 2
  301TC Replacement pads, terrycloth, 5/box
  301W Replacement pads, waterbase, 5/box
  301PAM Applicator refills (P/A) MC, 5/box
  301PAW Applicator refills (P/A) waterbase, 5/box
  303 Curethane® 100% Solids Urethane Mixer, each
  304 Mixer Paddle
  305 Mixer Pad
  306 Lock pin assembly for CU100 Mixer, each
  307 CU100 Mixer Motor
  308 Mixer platform, each
  618 Tan Polishing Pads, 18", case of 10
  619 Green Cleaning Pads, 18", case of 10
  620 Black Stripping Pads, 18", case of 10
  1101 Tack Cloth, each
  2666 Channel applicator, each
  2666R Refill pad, each
  2666S Sanding head & paper, each
  2666SR Sandpaper only, 5/package
  2666U Urethane Applicator, each
  2666UR Urethane Refill Pad, each
  7660 Oil-Out Absorbent, 50 lb. Bag
  9019 19" Rotary Buffer, 110 volt, each
  9019-50 19" Rotary Buffer, 220 volt, each
  9021 Bassine Brush for 9019, each
  9022 Rotary Pad & Sandscreen Drivehead, each
  9023 80 Grit Sandscreen, case of 20
  9024 100 Grit Sandscreen, case of 20
  9025 120 Grit Sandscreen, case of 20

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