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Although DBA Products Co., Inc. was 50 years old in 1995, the real story of DBA began when John Picchietti Sr. arrived in the United States from his native Italy in 1920. His first job was as a pin boy in a 4 lane basement center that started his life long love affair with the sport of bowling. John spent the 1920s and 1930s learning the game and becoming an expert player of the times, winning many tournaments and titles, while also racking up a few 300 games.

In 1940 John built an eight lane bowling center in Deerfield, Illinois called the Deerfield Bowling Academy. The house balls were engraved with the initials "D - B - A", which became the company name and trademark. World War II came along just as John was getting started, causing incredible shortages of the materials needed for the care of bowling lanes, including the shellac used as a lane finish. He immediately began looking for alternative materials and was the first commercial center to use nitrocellulose lacquer on the lanes as a coating.

But that only solved one problem. No one knew how to maintain this new type coating, so John used his extensive knowledge of the game and his own practical abilities and created the first bowling lane conditioner. He experimented for over three years until he was satisfied with the performance of the new "cleaner and polish", as it was known. It didn't take long for the bowlers to see the difference between the Deerfield lanes and others in the area and they began to spread the word about the wonderfully clean and uniform lanes they enjoyed at the Deerfield center.

Proprietors, first locally, then nationally, started calling John to ask how he worked such miracles on his lanes. John would obligingly send a small amount to anyone who called, until sending complimentary samples became more work than running the center. In 1944, the demand by lane owners for some of that "DBA Stuff" became so intense that the decision was made to sell the bowling center and start manufacturing and distributing lane conditioner on a full time basis. The company name was already there. It simply became DBA Products .

DBA's first product, Bowling Lane Cleaner and Polish #501 became an immediate success, but John Picchietti's knowledge of the game and its ever changing conditions brought about the introduction soon after of DBA #511. These two products are still mainstays in the complete line of maintenance materials provided by the company. Over the years the company has started to expandand has developed products for the UK bingo industry and various other sectors in the world's sports.

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