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Ricochet Rail® Bumper Bowling System

Instrumental in bringing the Bumper Bowling concept to life with Glancer Cushions. DBA now introduces it’s permanent system—the DBA Ricochet Rail. The Ricochet Rail is a complete channel replacement system which features a flexible rail for Bumper Bowling.

When not in use, the Ricochet Rail is virtually undetectable. But once deployed, it extends from foul line to the pin deck, keeping bowling balls out of the channel.

The DBA Ricochet Rail is made from a high impact ABS polymer material for maximum flexibility and strength. The channel and rail sections never need painting and are virtually maintenance free.

Installation of the Ricochet Rail is as simple as 1-2-3 and the easiest of any permanent Bumper Bowling System. First, remove existing channels and capping: second, drop the Ricochet Rail into place; and third, reinstall capping. The complete installation can be easily handled by center personnel.

The DBA Ricochet Rail is available in numerous colors, and is backed by a full warranty. A full compliment of promotional and accessory items are also available.


Complete Channel Replacement
Made from high impact ABS polymer
Maintenance free
Available in colors
Easiest installation of any system
Promotional and marketing
accessories available


Concourse & Lane Banner
Not your everyday, run-of-the-mill banner. High quality nylon, with colorfully screened lettering and graphics. Two sided, suitable for hanging from suspended ceilings over the concourse, control counter, settees, lanes, etc. Three feet high by five feet wide.
Bumper Bowling, The Video
Ideas, strategies, concepts for successful bumper bowling progams. This high energy video will lead you down the lane to bumper bowling success! Use for in-center advertising over scoring monitors or for a local TV campaign. A 30 second television commercial with available tag space is included at the conclusion of the tape.
Bumper Bowling Outside Sales Video
Conduct effective sales calls to schools, day care centers, and youth groups. Extols all of the benefits of bumper bowling and its merit for introducing children to bowling as a lifelong sport. Approximately 3 minutes in length.
Bumper Bowling—The Manual
Pages of suggestions, hints and recommendations for implementing or improving a bowling center’s bumper bowling program. Includes camera-ready artwork for forms and flyers.
Promo Kit
Includes the bumper bowling video, outside sales video and bumper bowling manual.
Employee buttons
Stimulate bumper bowling inquiries at your control counter with buttons that proclaim "Score Big with the Entire Family … Ask me how!"
Activity Books
Kids can enjoy learning while following the adventures of Baldo and the Platypins! Eight pages of coloring and educational fun!
Beverage Cup
Sturdy 16 ounce plastic tumblers brilliantly adorned with Baldo and those elusive Platypins. Cup includes a hard plastic lid with punch hole for straws. Great for party giveaways, redemption prizes and snack bar promotions.
Incentive Stickers
Reward your bumper bowlers with these multicolored stickers featuring Baldo and the Platypins. Six designs are perfect as "on the spot" awards
Bowling Caps
Kids love playing the milk cap game and will enjoy collecting and trading these bumper bowling milk caps featuring Baldo and the Platypins. Each individually wrapped packet includes 6 milk caps.
Ricochet Rail Bumper Bowling Door Decal
Colorful decal that announces bumper bowling availability to all patrons. Features the energetic Baldo Bounce.

DBA Party Kit and Accessories

DBA Party Masking Panels
Attract attention to your center’s party lanes with DBA Party Masking Panels. Each panel spans one lane, and is boldly decorated with graphics from the DBA Party Kit. Panel "A" includes the wording "Bowling Party"; panel "B" is blank and can be customized with your own messages using the included letter kit. "Happy Birthday" panel is also included and can be attached to panel "B".
DBA Party Kit
Everything needed to make a bowling center the place for parties is included in this kit. Bold and colorful bowling graphics enhance all kit components: invitations, large 9" plates, napkins, place mats, cups, name tags, free game coupons, sticker sheets and balloons. Each kit contains enough material for 150 attendees. Optional three foot high inflatable bowling pins are available as party giveaways. Graphics specify "bowling party", making this kit suitable for any age, for birthdays or other events.

Glancer™ Cushions and Accessories

Keep your younger bowlers happy with DBA Glancer Cushions, the original Bumper Bowling system. Fifty-six foot long inflatable tubes fill the channels making it nearly impossible to throw "gutter balls". DBA Glancer Cushions are easily inflated with the Glancer Power Blower, store away neatly with the Glancer Retrieval Cart, and their smaller diameter reduces tears and leaks. DBA Glancer Cushions are portable, allowing Bumper Bowling to take place on any lane at any time.
Glancer™ Rolling Ball Rack
Glancer ™ Rolling Shoe Rack

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