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DBA Evolution is a new concept in lane conditioners.

Because of the complexities involved with using this product, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly read and understand the following before using DBA Evolution.

If you have any questions, please contact your Authorized DBA Evolution Distributor, or contact DBA Products Co., Inc. direct via the DBA 24 Hour Technical Service & Support Line at 1-888-DBA-4110

Background Information
How Does Evolution Work?
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Since the introduction of high tech bowling balls, the challenge for lane maintenance personnel has been attempting to reduce conditioner migration from the "head" section of the lane. The recent approach has been to apply much greater amounts of conditioner, or to use heavier, more viscous products. Although these methods may have slowed the conditioner migration somewhat, bowling ball technology continued to advance, rendering these solutions as merely a "band-aid" or "quick fix" that simply would not hold up.

The design team for DBA Evolution had one goal in mind: develop a conditioner that actually bonded itself to the lane surface, while still allowing enough transitional carrydown to occur. Research focused in the direction of a multi-viscosity conditioner with dual components: one comprised of oils, unlike any ever used, that would chemically bond to the lane, and a second that acted as a traditional lane conditioner.

Ultra-High Viscosity Base Gel: By itself, this lower layer of DBA Evolution measures out at a viscosity of somewhere between 20,000 and 21,000 cps. That is over 2000 times thicker than any other lane conditioner ever used.

Lightweight Top Conditioner: On it’s own, the lighter top conditioner measures at about 12 cps in viscosity.

In suspension: During batching, the two components are chemically linked which allows the mixture to yield a lane conditioner that is somewhere between 30 and 34 cps in viscosity – light enough to easily and successfully wick through most lane equipment.

Following application to the lane surface: When applied in a thin film to the lane surface, the layers of DBA Evolution begin to separate – the heavy base actually begins to bond to the lane surface, while the lighter conditioner rests on top. The base conditioner resists migration, and the lightweight top conditioner reacts like traditional lane conditioners, allowing just the right amount of transitional carrydown to occur.

Bridges gaps in worn out wood lanes:
The heavy base gel of DBA Evolution actually helps to bridge gaps between boards in worn out heads of wood lanes. The gel is so thick, it virtually does not flow down between the boards – it stays near the top of the surface, offering protection and a longer lasting condition.

Remains clean while on the lane: The lightweight top conditioner in DBA Evolution helps to keep dirt away from the heavy gel and the lane surface. This means easier dusting, the lanes stay cleaner, and the surface is protected from wear.

Allows multiple angles of play for bowlers: Because DBA Evolution stays in place so much longer than traditional lane conditioners, patterns can be applied that allow all types of players to take advantage of the lane condition. No more need to apply only a "second arrow shot"

Most centers can reduce their overall conditioner usage: Even though using DBA Evolution requires longer patterns and more conditioner per application, most centers will see a reduction in overall conditioner usage because they do not need to condition the lanes as often. "Fill-in" patterns can usually be eliminated completely.

Frequently Asked Questions About DBA Evolution:

Will the base and top oils ever separate in the container?
  Although distinctly different in viscosity, once they are linked in the batching process the two oils will NOT separate until applied in a thin layer on the lane surface. This is why the setup time of 30 minutes is required.
Will DBA Evolution separate in an open container or in the lane machine conditioner tank?
  No. Again, the chemical nature of the product does not allow separation until it is spread into a very thin layer on the lane.
What pattern adjustments need to be made when using DBA Evolution?
  As a starting point, it is recommended that most centers add 3 feet of both application and buff-out distance to their usual pattern. For example, if currently applying conditioner to 24 feet and buffing to 38 feet, this should be modified to 27 feet and 41 feet. The added distance to the application is needed because of DBA Evolution’s different "peel off" rate from the buffer brush; the added distance to the overall travel is to provide the start of a transition area and reduce back-end snap. As with any pattern modification, graphs should be made to check for compliance and accuracy.
Does DBA Evolution require more or less amounts than traditional lane conditioners?
  Testing has shown that most bowling centers will use approximately 15% more (liquid volume) of DBA Evolution per application than their traditional conditioners. The reason is because of the added application and buff-out distances. This can be offset, however, by the fact that most average bowling centers will be able to eliminate "fill-in" patterns or second applications of conditioner, thereby resulting in an overall reduction of conditioner amount used on a daily basis.
What happens if frequent lane cleaning is not done?
  The longer that DBA Evolution is allowed to remain on the lane surface, the stronger the bond becomes. It will therefore become extremely difficult to remove from the lane.
Does DBA Evolution contain any silicone or silicone derivative?
  No, there is no silicone products of any quantity in the DBA Evolution formulation.

Has there ever been any problem applying lane coating over lanes that were conditioned with DBA Evolution?
  No. In fact, the heavy base gel of DBA Evolution actually slows conditioner penetration into the wood of the lane. Solvent based and lighter conditioners actually pose more of an adhesion challenge than DBA Evolution.

What happens if DBA Evolution is not given the proper amount of setup time?
  If bowled on before setup, DBA Evolution will simply act as other conditioners would – in other words, it will move around the lane and carry down a bit.
Does a fill-in pattern of DBA Evolution require the same 30 minute set-up time?
  No. Once a base of DBA Evolution has been applied to a freshly cleaned lane, any fill-in patterns of DBA Evolution applied later in the day may be bowled on immediately.

Should wicks be changed before using DBA Evolution for the first time?
  It is recommended that new wick material be installed if using DBA Evolution with a DBA/Century type wick machine (those with wicks ¼ inch in thickness). If using later model DBA lane equipment (LaneWalker, Excel, Dart, Phoenix), it is NOT necessary to replace wick material. Simply dry out the existing wicks, then saturate with DBA Evolution. Dry out the wicks one additional time, then re-saturate with DBA Evolution. Wicks are now ready for use.

Do NOT mix DBA Evolution with ANY other lane conditioners! Solvents or other types of oils in various lane conditioners may dilute Evolution’s base gel, or eliminate the chemical bond that keeps the many components in suspension. This will cause poor wick flow, separation, and generally unacceptable lane conditions.

Frequent full lane cleaning is a MUST! The longer Evolution’s base gel remains on the lane, the stronger the bond to the lane surface becomes. For maximum performance, lanes should be fully cleaned on a DAILY basis. If daily cleaning is not possible, do not allow Evolution to remain on the lanes for longer than 2 days. After that time, double passes of cleaning may be needed to fully remove Evolution’s base gel from the lane surface.

DBA Evolution requires a setup time of approximately 30 minutes following application to a freshly cleaned lane surface. This allows the separation of the base adn top conditioners to take place. "Fill-in" patterns applied over an existing application of DBA Evolution do not require a setup time.

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