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Lane Conditioner Tips
FYI: See
Lane Cleaning Tips
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Comparison of Physical Characteristics

Evolution Lane Conditioner

The industry's first multi-viscosity "layered" lane

Heavy base oil holds up longer in head area.

Lighter top oil allows for transitional carrydown.

See Evolution page for complete details, features, benefits, frequently asked questions and other information.

DBA Clear 100% Solids Lane Conditioner
Reactive bowling balls, track flare and today’s changing lane surfaces present numerous challenges to lane maintenance personnel. The DBA Clear Lane Conditioning System offers solutions.

Now available in four formulations. Low Viscosity (15 cps), High Viscosity (20 cps), Super-50 and Super-100, DBA Clear can be used straight or blended together to produce the ideal viscosity for any amount of lineage or lane surface condition.

DBA Clear is 100% solids, so it is unaffected by changes in humidity. Prepared with all natural materials that are environmentally friendly, DBA Clear contains no harmful solvents that could be emitted into the atmosphere. Once applied to the lane, DBA Clear remains uniformly smooth, stays cleaner than other 100% solids conditions, and provides superior wicking ability over other conditions of the same type.

The newest formulations, Super-50 and Super-100, provide today’s best solution for keeping conditioner in the "head" area of the lane. Offering the highest viscosity available today, DBA Clear Super-50 and Super-100 can be used straight in the DBA Phoenix-S, or utilized as an additive with lighter formulations of Clear in other lane equipment.

DBA 501 and 511 Lane Conditioner and Dressing (Cleaner and Polish)
DBA 501 and 511 are used by more bowling centers than all other conditioners combined. These conditioners offer the finest benefits available to assure the best conditions for bowlers line after line, day after day. Their carefully compounded formulas clean, polish and protect lane finish in one easy operation. Either 501 or 511 provides the proper conditions for every bowling center depending upon humidity conditions and lineage. Protect your lanes while offering your bowlers the best conditions possible with bowling’s original DBA Lane Cleaner and Polish.
DBA 911 High Solids Conditioner
DBA 911 lasts longer and carries down less due to the unique additives used in its high solids formula. Lane conditions remain more constant from the beginning of the day through the second shift at night. As long as proper lane dusting occurs, 911 will offer bowlers a clean and consistent condition.
DBA #8001 HP Lane Conditioner
Originally formulated for use on synthetic lane surfaces to improve back end snap and reduce out-of-range pins. 8001 HP (High Performance) has also gained exceptional acceptance on urethane and water based lane finishes.

Lane Conditioner Tips:
> Keep container sealed during storage to ensure best performance
> Store lane conditioners in a controlled environment to avoid viscosity changes
> Dust lanes 3-5 times daily to maintain cleanliness and reduce conditioner migration
> Do NOT blend conditioners unless specifically designed for that purpose
> Clean entire lane frequently, daily if possible, to keep conditioner pattern fresh

Lane Conditioners: Comparison of Physicial Characteristics

DBA Product Name:






Evolution n/a varies 95 <0.1 23.26
Clear Super 100 101 35.80 100 0.0 n/a
Clear Super 50 50.00 32.30 100 0.0 28.38
Clear #801 High Viscosity 19.90 32.50 100 0.0 14.12
Clear #811 Low Viscosity 15.15 32.50 100 0.0 11.15
#911 21.10 32.90 99 0.1 14.44
#501 10.20 27.90 84 13.7 8.35
#511 9.20 29.10 76 21.0 4.47
#8001 8.20 29.20 71 24.0 3.25

DBA Evolution Lane Cleaner
Designed to work with DBA Evolution Lane Conditioner. Works in all types of lane machines. Residue free. Available in 5 and 30 gallon containers.

DBA Clean Phosphate-Free Lane Cleaner #7594
The latest technology in lane cleaners has arrived with DBA Clean Lane Cleaner. Entirely phosphate-free and non-toxic, DBA Clean is extremely friendly to the environment, yet out-performs most standard cleaners. DBA Clean is safe for all lane finishes and surfaces, and can be used for hand cleaning or in any lane cleaning machine. Once properly diluted, one gallon of DBA Clean makes 25 gallons of useable lane cleaner.

DBA White Glove Multi-Purpose Cleaner #7591
New and improved formulation makes DBA White Glove the ideal lane cleaner for removing the heavier amounts of lane conditioner in use today. Suitable for both wood an synthetic lanes, DBA White Glove is ideal for use in vacuum lane cleaning machines, leaving no film or residue. Depending on the dilution ratio, DBA White Glove can also clean floors, counters, pinsetters, even asphalt. Give your center the White Glove Treatment!

DBA LaneWalker Lane Cleaner #7592
Formulated specifically for use with the LaneWalker Lane Cleaning Machine. Dilute one part LaneWalker lane Cleaner #7592 with two parts water and watch as its "scrubbing bubbles" get your lanes spotlessly clean, right down to the surface of the lane. No film, no residue, just clean! Performs well on all types of lane finishes, including synthetics.

DBA Detergent Lane Cleaner #7583
This excellent cleaner is now improved to offer even better performance, #7583 dries faster while cleaning lanes completely free from dust, dirt and oil. It cleans thoroughly, leaving no residue to interfere with desired lane conditions. Recommended for use with all automatic and manual methods of lane cleaning (except DBA LaneWalker LCM). Water based nonflammable, may be used on all types of lane finishes or synthetics. Nontoxic 4:1 dilution.

DBA Chlorinite Solvent #008 (Non-Flammable)
A heavy duty bowling lane cleaner developed for removing residue after sanding lanes for use prior to recoating or refinishing. Quickly picks up old dirt and oil from the lane. Quick drying action makes lanes ready for coating. Also excellent for stripping lane conditioner from urethane or lacquer finishes. #008 also works very well at degreasing machine.

DBA #6040 Non-Toxic Machine Cleaner
New DBA #6040 Machine Cleaner is non-toxic, non-flammable and completely safe to use. Removes even the toughest oil, dirt and grease, yet dries quickly and leaves no film. DBA #6040 won’t damage machinery parts—metal parts can even be completely immersed if necessary.

DBA Aquarius 2601 Approach Cleaner (for water based approach finish)
Excellent cleaner for use on all water based approach finishes. Removes dirt, dust, oil, crayon and heel marks, improving slide conditions. Effective in curing sticky approaches while remaining safe on all water based approach finishes. Ready for use immediately after cleaning.

Approach Spotter (aerosol) #190
An easy way to clean specific areas of the approach. Spray on and wipe off with clean, dry cloth. Cleans off ball and heel marks quickly and easily. Designed originally for lacquer approach finishes.

DBA Pin Deck Treatment #7585
This excellent product, when sprayed on wood or phenolic (synthetic) pin decks will significantly reduce out-of-ranges. #7585 causes pins to fall rather than slide when they are hit.

Formula "C" Approach Conditioner #562C
An excellent conditioner to relieve chronic stickiness on approaches and to reduce dusting problems caused by static electricity. Apply lightly in slide track. Buff immediately with clean burlap, dusting cloth or tan pad. To use on wager based approach finish, be sure to first test 562C in an inconspicuous part of the approach.

Dura-Slide 562-S (for synthetic laminate approaches)
Dura-Slide has been developed to eliminate sticky approaches on synthetic lanes. Simply spray Dura-Slide on the approach, then distribute it evenly using a rotary machine with tan pad. Reapply weekly or as needed. Sold in 2 gallon kit.

Lane Cleaner Tips:
> Daily lane cleaning offers the most consisitent lane conditions.
> Poor cleaning results can sometimes be caused by a cleaning mixture that is too strong.
> Lane cleaning residue can be caused by mineral deposits in tap water. To verify if the water is the cause, try mixing a batch of cleaner with distilled water. If the residue disappears, the water is at fault.
> Choose the proper cleaner for the method being used.

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